Automatic Body

by Nutrie

One Small Change

No More Boot-camps, No More Tasteless Meals, No More Diet Re-Lapse

We know that quick-fix programs are scientifically proven to fail. In fact, 80% fail within two years or less.

That’s why we don’t endorse them. That’s why we created something completely different.

We believe that science and lifestyle should live harmoniously together.

What separates us from our competition is our revolutionary system.

You will become healthier and happier by doing only one, barely noticeable, change per week. The change is so subtle, in fact, that it feels like it is happening “Automatically”.

Forget the fad workouts or the exotic cleanses that force you to overhaul your whole life. No more crash diets you can’t sustain or bizarre machines that fill your living room.. No more giving up the foods you love and living like a monk.

Just one simple “secret” change per week that celebrities and pro athletes have known about for years.

Our Automatic Body phone app will tell you what new “thing” to do each week. It even reminds you when to do it during the day. You just follow the system.

Every video is hosted by Kim Lyons, America’s top health and fitness expert and celebrity trainer from The Biggest Loser and Dr. Phil’s Weight-Loss Challenge. You are being coached by the best of the best.

So how does it work?..

It’s simple.

The Automatic Body phone app and system are free with any product purchase. Our strategy here was simple: We figured it made more sense for you to spend money on something that would increase your results rather than having you spend money on the system itself.

Smart huh?


1) You set a goal.
2) You choose the product pack that works for you.
3) You get instant access to Automatic Body.

Love yourself. Be the best you can be. Be Automatic.

Together we will work together with the simple program that will help you achieve your goals.


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